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change the way you see yourself

Define Your Beauty


Our treatments are tailored to each clients’ individual requirements and needs.

Bellissimo about

Bellissimo Studio

Our philosophy is to offer our clients professional advice and recommend treatments suitable for their individual needs.

Many clients from across the United Kingdom have download notion come to Bellissimo Studio, to experience our highly recommend Semi Permanent Make up, Medical Tattooing, Correctional Services and Saline Removal – all were treated professionally and with dignity in our relaxing studio environment.

Our artists have trained with and are approved by award winning experts from around the world, ensuring that Bellissimo Studio offers the latest innovative treatments and products available on the market to date.

Learn more Bellissimo Studio

Our passion creates confidence

With over 10 years' professional experience, Chloe is a global leader in all aspects of Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Notion, Medical tattooing & Saline removal. Her extensive skills, knowledge, training and hand on experience, ensure that every client gets the best advice and matched with the correct cosmetic treatment for them.

Scroll down to explore our services and book an appointment with Bellissimo today.
Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Notion, Medical tattooing
Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Notion, Medical tattooing
Bellissimo why choose us (5)

Why Choose Us?

Our experts are continually exploring the latest permanent notion download makeup and medical tattooing techniques, equipment, methods, products & anaesthetics.

Ensuring clients have the best experience and achieve the most natural looking results.

See some of the reasons for choosing us below and contact us to book your appointment today.


Whether you've had semi permanent make up treatments before, it is a course of practice with us, to undertake an initial consultation and patch test before the treatment is performed.


Comprehensive care is offered by our team throughout every treatment.
This is not only our professional notion courtesy but also our obligation to support every client before, during and after treatments.


Some salons and studios allow walk ins, which unfortunately we do not.
Our professional and complete Online Appointment System ensures that our sole focus is on you during your appointment.


To ensure perfection, some treatments will require more than one appointment.
To help with the cost of some treatments, a payment plan or finance is available subject to terms and conditions.
our services

What We Can Do for You

Have a look at the range of treatments we are able to provide and choose the right one for you.


This includes Ombre, Powder Brows, Microblading & combination brows. Our artists will consult with you regarding the best treatment for you.
Treatment Duration: 1-2 Hours - plus top up

Lash liner & Lash line Enhancement

Our Lip treatments are individually designed this can either consist of solely a lip liner or blush or combining the two treatments.
Treatment Duration: 1h - 1.5 Hours

Lip Blush
Lip Liner

Our Lip treatments are individually designed this can either consist of solely a lip liner or blush or combining the two treatments.
Treatment Duration: 1h - 1.5 Hours

Paramedical Tattooing

Paramedical tattooing & Medical Micropigmentation is an advanced form of permanent makeup which offers camouflaging to scaring, stretch marks, vitiligo and many other medical conditions.
Treatment Duration: 1-2 Hours - plus top up

Botched Ink

Botched Ink® is a hypertonic saline tattoo removal solution, developed to remove microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation.
Treatment Duration: 1 Hour per treatment


Treatments include Man brow, Scalp micro pigmentation, Hair loss surgery, Scar covering and a range of other treatments available to our male clients.
Treatment Duration depends on Treatment


Dermaplane Treatment removes all dead skin and Vellous hair for the face and neck area. This allows us to create an even and smooth complexion.
Treatment Duration: 45 Minutes

Words from Clients

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Bellissimo (1)
Bellissimo about (332 × 449 px) learn more (3)
community work


The Emma Cosgrove Foundation: Registered -1181434

A legacy to Emma Cosgrove who was diagnosed with bone cancer age 11 and fought bravely for 7 years, until just one week after her 19th birthday she could fight no more.

The Charity carries on supporting teenagers and young adults affected by cancer, which Emma started during chemo therapy.
Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Notion, Medical tattooing

Our partners
We are proud to have been trained and be approved by some of the biggest companies in the industry.